Pleat Filtration

Fibrix Filtration offers a wide range of thermal and resin bonded pleat filtration media with custom colors, additives, resins, and tacks.  With over 100 products to chose from, we have the right pleat media solution for your most demanding needs.

Thermal Bond – *New* Stratus Series

Fibrix Filtration’s new Stratus Series is the top-performing thermal bond pleat media in the market today. Using the latest, high-tech, bi-co fiber blends together with innovative, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Stratus offers the best combination of high dust holding and low-pressure drop available in Merv 9-11 pleat media. If your customers demand superior performance, Stratus is your media.

*** Coming Soon *** – Stratus 13.1; a new, high-capacity MERV 13 pleat media.

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Poly / Resin Bond

Fibrix Filtration’s poly/resin bonded pleat media offers you the ultimate in customization and performance. We offer an unlimited combination of colors, additives, resins, tacks for your MERV 7-9 pleat media needs.

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Poly / Cotton Resin Bond

Fibrix Filtration poly/cotton resin bonded medias are the longest-life pleat media on the market today. The most trusted filtration manufacturers in the industry use them in their top-of-the-line, industrial pleat filters. If high dust holding is your customer’s top requirement, our poly/cotton resin-bonded media is your best and most economical solution.

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Specialty Coatings

Fibrix Filtration offers the most customized solutions in the market today for both high loft and pleat medias. Whether its anti-microbial, dry or wet tack, flame retardants, scrims, settings, or any combination thereof, our flexible manufacturing processes allow you to customize and differentiate your products in the market.

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At Fibrix Filtration, we’ve done the research.  Our research and development teams are constantly working with our customers and suppliers to give you the most thoroughly tested, energy-efficient, and longest-lasting filtration media in the industry.