Web Creation

Multiple technologies including air-lay, garnett, and card. Web forming can be in-line or cross-lapped.

Fiber Blends

Our multi-feed blending systems produce products made from a wide range and blend of fibers.


Thermal, needle-punch, and resin bonding methods are available.

Specialty Applications

Fibrix Filtration offers a wide variety of value-add applications including anti-microbial and odor-reducing additives.


We offer a full range of custom fabrication using the latest online slitting and offline cutting technologies.

A Wide Range of Filtration Capabilities

Fibrix Filtration produces unique filtration products, including patent-protected offerings, for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets and is one of a few manufacturers that produce filtration media in multiple colors.

  • MERV 4-13
  • Resin, Thermal and Mechanical Bonding
  • Fiber Range: 2.25 – 200 Denier
  • Loft Range: .03″ – 2.00″
  • Garnett, Air Laid, and Carded Multi-denier
  • Multi-ply, Gradient Density
  • Printing Capabilities
  • Wet / Dry Tack
  • Custom Colors
  • Needling
  • Perforation
  • Heat Seal
  • Anti-microbial
  • UL 900 Media
  • Custom Solutions