Medical & Mask

The medical industry turns to our products for comfort, durability, and non-irritating skin contact. Good masks depend on superior fiber tie-down for smooth, non-irritating skin contact. Our versatile, moldable products offer multiple advantages.


  • Soft and drapable
  • Cloth-like feel
  • Comfortable surface for skin contact
  • Facing material for medical masks
  • Comfort layer for ostomy bags
  • Cover stock protects sensitive filtration layers
  • Thermally or ultrasonically bonds to other fabrics
  • Accepts a cold weld

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Custom Applications

Nonwovens for the medical industry come in all shapes and sizes. We offer high-quality specialty solutions for several applications. Whatever your project demands, we can customize a product to fit your specifications using the multiple nonwoven technologies we have available.

We’ve done the research. Get the most thoroughly tested, energy-efficient particulate and molecular solutions for life sciences air filtration. Fibrix Filtration products can help you comply with the toughest regulations, control contaminants, protect products, processes and equipment, and safeguard patients, lab researchers and plant workers.